Block Groupon Ads And Others On Android With AdFree Ad blocker.

AdFree For Android

Any other ad for that matter, yes it is possible. Sometimes it is very difficult to use the phone because some ads pop up when you least likely to click! 🙂 Yes some of the developers make their income from these ads and if you really use an app regularly, make a direct donation to the developer.

We do not like to stop ads because in the chain, a lot of people make their living through these ads you see on web sites, blogs, mobile apps. But it is sometimes really necessary to block some ads. Then again it is your preference.

Only way we know to block ads on Android is the AdFree, created by  XDA Forum member. The App is available on the Android Market. There were many modifications like this on XDA,  and even more Android Ad Blockers.

To get Adfree, scan the QR code below.

Scan me for AdFree

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