Slidejoy Gets $1.2 Million To Advertise On Android Lock Screen

Tslidejoyhere are always attempts by various entities to maximize advertising for any given medium. But the explosion of mobile advertising has gotten the traditional mobile advertisers to search for newer paths. One company, SlideJoy, has fond some real estate on Android mobile devices, the lock screen!.There are others who also use the lock screen for advertising but Slidejoy stands out for their concept of renting the screen.

Given that the lock screen is always available it is a good medium to promote products, news feeds or both. Yet like any real estate, there is a price for these Android lock screens, even though they are smaller in size compared to other real estate. So Slidejoy has infused value by providing rewards to users who lend their lock screens for streaming news feeds and promotions of products.

The company has got $1.2 million from investors. The app, the product has been alive for about a year and already has a sizable downloads.

“The app, which is just over a year old and now has hundreds of thousands of downloads, displays a news story or some sort of ad or deal every time you check your Android phone. You can slide to the right to ignore the card and go to your home screen as you would normally, or you can slide to the left to get more information on the card shown. You can also slide up to see an additional card, if you choose.”

Via Techcrunch


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