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3DR Solo, Dawn Of The Aerial Age Is Coming Out On Monday 04.13.15!

Even though I have the complete photo, out of respect to 3DR, I have cropped it!
Even though I have the complete photo, out of respect to 3DR, I have cropped it!

3DRobotics is using 2001 Space Odyssey themed video to announce the release of it’s new UAV, Quadcopter on coming Monday. Video (see below) is fun to watch and makes one wanting to see the real thing. (Too bad for me, I visit Berkeley marina too often and seen the beast on more than on occasion). I can’t wait till Monday to learn about the price and other things such as cameras and accessories.

DJI also announced their Phantom 3 in two models, Advanced and Pro, costing $1000 and $1260 respectively. But that is for another post, when DJI becomes a bit more open 🙂

I am a 3DR fan and thankful to them for the opensource work they are doing. PixHawk has become my most studied computer, lately and there is much more to learn. Let me say I love mapping.


Slidejoy Gets $1.2 Million To Advertise On Android Lock Screen

Tslidejoyhere are always attempts by various entities to maximize advertising for any given medium. But the explosion of mobile advertising has gotten the traditional mobile advertisers to search for newer paths. One company, SlideJoy, has fond some real estate on Android mobile devices, the lock screen!.There are others who also use the lock screen for advertising but Slidejoy stands out for their concept of renting the screen.

Given that the lock screen is always available it is a good medium to promote products, news feeds or both. Yet like any real estate, there is a price for these Android lock screens, even though they are smaller in size compared to other real estate. So Slidejoy has infused value by providing rewards to users who lend their lock screens for streaming news feeds and promotions of products.

The company has got $1.2 million from investors. The app, the product has been alive for about a year and already has a sizable downloads.

“The app, which is just over a year old and now has hundreds of thousands of downloads, displays a news story or some sort of ad or deal every time you check your Android phone. You can slide to the right to ignore the card and go to your home screen as you would normally, or you can slide to the left to get more information on the card shown. You can also slide up to see an additional card, if you choose.”

Via Techcrunch

Skype For Android Now Has Video Calling.

Skype for Android
Skype for Android With Video Calling

Skype just announced an update to their Skype for Android to support video calling. Now it is in par with iOS Skype apps and also provides another opportunity to use those front facing cameras on Android devices. There seem to be a limitation of devices, at least for now. Only Google Nexus S, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro, are supported.

Android Market

Block Groupon Ads And Others On Android With AdFree Ad blocker.

AdFree For Android

Any other ad for that matter, yes it is possible. Sometimes it is very difficult to use the phone because some ads pop up when you least likely to click! 🙂 Yes some of the developers make their income from these ads and if you really use an app regularly, make a direct donation to the developer.

We do not like to stop ads because in the chain, a lot of people make their living through these ads you see on web sites, blogs, mobile apps. But it is sometimes really necessary to block some ads. Then again it is your preference.

Only way we know to block ads on Android is the AdFree, created by  XDA Forum member. The App is available on the Android Market. There were many modifications like this on XDA,  and even more Android Ad Blockers.

To get Adfree, scan the QR code below.

Scan me for AdFree

The X-Plane 9 App For Android! Super!!

I have been a X-Plane fan for years. Before that I used to love Microsoft Flight Simulator but when I found X-Plane, every thing seem of no value. I think one of my friends introduced me to it, if I am not mistaken, running on Solaris.

But it is a great flight simulator. Company touts the X-Plane Mobile to be 85% accurate, that of big commercial simulators, run by Boeing and NASA etc. But I am no expert on technicalities but I love exploring the world, virtually in one of my favorite planes.

The X-Plane 9 app for Android is identical to the X-Plane 9 app on other platforms (like the iPhone and iPod Touch) with respect to the aircraft, flight regions, menus, etc.

You can get the app from X-Plane site or by scanning the QR code below

Groupon Mobile For Android

Groupon Mobile
Groupon Mobile for Android

I am sure everyone has heard about and / or seen groupon ads. Now you can take your groupon ads with you or pull them up based on where you are with Groupon Mobile for Android. Groupon features one unbeatable Daily Deal on the best stuff to do in cities across the U.S. With the mobile app you can buy and use your Groupons with ease. Never print another Groupon! Deals are currently offered in 150+ cities!

Groupon Mobile offers;

  • Browse unbeatable deals on local adventures
  • Get any deal with the touch of a button
  • Search nearby Groupons using GPS
  • Keep track of all your Groupons by location, date and expiration
  • Save trees with paperless redemption

Find It Hello Kitty, Find The Difference

Find It Hello Kitty Free Android Game

Even though it looks like designed for your little daughter, if you like Find the Difference type games you may find, Find It Hello Kitty!, attractive. In this simple game one need to find the differences in each photo pair and try to set the Find it high score! One can use hints to beat the time in this Find the difference arcade game.

Android Market