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Mini Golf’Oid Play Golf On Android


Play Golf On Android

Mini Golf’Oid is an addictive Mini Golf game for Android. This tutorial video explains how to play : the idea is to swipe the finger on the screen in the desired ball direction. It will give an impulse to the ball, and the longer the stroke, the more power you will give to the ball.


You can watch video below for the instructions.


Time Magazine On Android With Time Mobile App.

Time Mobile App For Android

If you are a TIME reader or fan, and if you got an Android device, you are in for a surprise. You can stay connected to the top stories and what’s popular on around-the-clock.

The Time Mobile for Android provides the following features;

  • Swipe your way through TIME’s award winning photography, hugely popular Lists, fun quotes, videos and more
  • Customize the app to your favorite sections
  • Add the widget to your home screen and customize what you want appearing in the widget
  • Listen to podcasts while browsing other content
  • Share articles with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other apps installed on your device
  • Download articles for offline-reading
  • Save articles to read later
  • Search articles to find what you’re looking for

The Time Mobile App is available at Android Market. More info at

Twitter For Android App, (Updated)

twitter for android
Updated Twitter for Android App

Twitter for Android app was updated recently and included a bunch of updates and enhancements making it is more consistent with other mobile twitter clients.

  • Tweet details page. The layout of the timeline was changed and a Tweet details page was introduced.  This feature – which is already available in Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for iPad and Twitter for Windows Phone – which can be accessed by simply clicking on a Tweet, makes it easier to click on links and reply to, retweet, or favorite a Tweet.
  • Speed. The app was optimized for speed with a new way of drawing a timeline of Tweets which gives a much faster and smoother the timeline loads and scrolls.
  • Enhancements. There were some additional touches to the application:
    • Pull to Refresh: This popular feature, which was first available through our iPhone app, functions just as it sounds – when you’re at the top of your timeline, simply pull down to load new Tweets.
    • Swipe to Reveal: Swipe across a Tweet to get quick access to several options, such as viewing a user’s profile, sharing a tweet, or replying.
    • Quote a Tweet: Clicking the retweet icon now gives you the option to quote a Tweet. Of course, you can still retweet as you normally would.
    • Hi-res avatar photos

You can down load the Twitter for Android App from the Android Market or by scanning the barcode below.

Basketball Shots 3D, Free Android App Of The Day

Basketball shots 3dBasketball Shots 3D is very well done game for the Android platform. Basketball Shots features 3D graphics, realistic physics and addictive gameplay. The target of game  is a simple aim-and-toss style game where your goal is to score 25 shots from 5 positions on the basketball court in under 60 seconds. If you think it is simple, just give it a try, you will be spending a lot of time with it.

Creative Mobile

Easy Tie, Many Ways To Knot a Tie or Tie a Knot.

If you came looking for how to tie a tie follow this link  “How To Tie Four In Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor, Shell Knot

how to knot a tie,
how to tie a tie,

Easy Tie App for Android devices shows you step-by-step. how to knot a tie, when your maother, father or wife is not around to help you with knotting your tie..

Tie knots, included right now:
Simple Knot
– Double Knot
– Small Knot
– Half Windsor Knot
– Windsor Knot
– Kelvin Knot
– Saint Andrew Knot
– Pratt Knot
– Balthus Knot
– Neoclassical Knot
– Cross Knot
– Cavendish Knot
– Atlantic Knot
– Bow Tie

Cool Texter


Cool TeXter Android App

<Tнιѕ αρρ мαкєѕ уσυя тєχт ℓσσк ¢σσℓ>

 \   ,__,
     (___)   )\
        ||--|| *

Never send boring messages anymore.


  • Create decorated .·´¯`·-> nicknames <-·´¯`·..
  • Cool symbol fonts
  • Directly sends via texting,SMS,handcent,email,Twidroid
  • Notifies when text is not suitable for sending via sms or text.
  • History (available via menu) saves all previously sent cool texts

Enjoy !

Swiss Codemonkeys

Kids Shape Puzzle Halloween From Anahoret For Android Devices!

Kids Shape Puzzle Halloween Android App

Developer: anahoret

Kids Shape Puzzle Halloween is best-selling Kids Shape Puzzle’s Halloween edition. Kids slide the puzzle pieces into place. Thrilled, they reveal one of over 30 Halloween images. Build your child’s Halloween skills. Halloween skills? Maybe not. But kids will gain cognitive and fine motor skills in a kid-friendly way.

TWC APP, The Weather Channel For Android!

TWC Android Weather Channel App

TWC, The Weather Channel App, does track location to provide you with most accurate weather information Please reinstall the app to remove alerts from a previously deleted widget. Alert settings inside the app don’t control alerts from widgets,red circle in status bar

Download on to your phone from Android Market (We prefer that you get your app from the Android Market unless you know for sure the source is trustable and valid). Once installed the app will search for your location and will ask if you want to save it to your favorites.
You also can add widgets through the app, to add a widget:

  • From the desktop, long hold until a new menu appears.
  • Select widget
  • Then select either the small or the large widget
  • A configuration screen will appear that will allow you to either search for a location or use GPS/LBS to follow you.
  • The widget current condition data will only update when the phone is awake so it will not drain the battery.
    TIP: if the data on the widget is stale touch the phone’s on/off button. The widget updates when the phone is turned on from sleeping.

Google Voice For Android

Developer: Google Inc.

I am sure you got a Google Number, right! We we do! And since mighty iPhone does not allow Google Voice, We Dioratis have Google Voice For Android on all our droids. From the Google Phone 1 (T-Mobile G1 to Google Dev phones).


Google Voice For Android
Google Voice Mobile

Google Voice Mobile

Transcribed Voicemail

Google Voice For Android, like it is desktop or browser based version, allows one to make calls, and Send SMS with your Google Number as the originating Number, regardless of what phone you were using. You can receive calls, actually you can make any call follow you with Google Voice.


Make calls and send text messages from your Google Voice number.

Voicemails are automatically transcribed to text so you can read them like email.

Send and receive text messages through the Google Voice app for free.

Make low-priced international calls directly from your Android  phone.

Google Voice integrates with your phone’s native address book or Google Contacts.

Set up different greetings for different callers.

Search your voicemail transcripts and text messages.

Currently only available in the US.

Google Voice