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How To Tie Four In Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor, Shell Knot

After publishing about the app “Easy Tie, Many Ways To Knot a Tie or Tie a Knot.” I noticed many people visiting the site looking for information as how to tie a tie.

Since not everyone is running an android, not yet any way, so I scrounged the web for information on how to tie a tie. So following are four ways to do that, Four In Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor, Shell Knot

Four In Hand Knot,

Four in Hand Knot

Half Windsor Knot,

Half Windsor Knot

Windsor Knot,

Windsor Knot

Shell Knot

Shell Knot

Google Maps 4.6 For Android Released.

Google Mobile team posted yesterday about the nes Google Maps 4.6 for Android with a slay of new features. The new version offers users new search filter options, Place page reviews from around the web and chance to interact with Google Latitude in real time.

Google Place Page Reviews

To learn more about visit; Google Mobile Blog find the app at Android Market Place.