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The X-Plane 9 App For Android! Super!!

I have been a X-Plane fan for years. Before that I used to love Microsoft Flight Simulator but when I found X-Plane, every thing seem of no value. I think one of my friends introduced me to it, if I am not mistaken, running on Solaris.

But it is a great flight simulator. Company touts the X-Plane Mobile to be 85% accurate, that of big commercial simulators, run by Boeing and NASA etc. But I am no expert on technicalities but I love exploring the world, virtually in one of my favorite planes.

The X-Plane 9 app for Android is identical to the X-Plane 9 app on other platforms (like the iPhone and iPod Touch) with respect to the aircraft, flight regions, menus, etc.

You can get the app from X-Plane site or by scanning the QR code below